ginger johnson connecting expert

Client: We’re cancelling our programming.
Me: Hmmm… would you consider shifting to online programming?
Client: How would that work?
Me: [explain, simply & directly, encouraging them that their audience still wants to grow, learn, be served]
Client: That sounds good. Let’s do it.

From a cancellation mindset to a can-do mindset.

1. Listen.
2. Find out what’s really going on, holding someone back, ask questions.
3. Offer a shift – OFFER, don’t force, shove or assume – only if it support their growth and agenda, and it’s how you serve in your work.

ginger johnson connecting expertWhat have you suggested?
How have you adapted?

This video below is an example of an objective client (what’s possible mindset), shifting.
They get high value programming.
I get to work.

BONUS: virtual events can potentially garner a much larger audience, thereby boosting the endeavor together.

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