How we self-identify is up to us.
The words we use to describe ourselves are totally valid – it’s our choice, after all.
What I’d encourage everyone to do in choosing how they wish to be identified, is to take a serious look at Vert Status.
Introvert, extrovert, ambivert – whatever you choose.
I encourage you to do so because I know for a fact that our Vert Status, as I call it, isn’t indicative of our connecting abilities.
Abilities come from skill development.

Everyone who wants to, can connect.

Skill development is a choice.

Skills accompany who we are and, therefore, how we see ourselves.
So many people have asked how to connect sharing with me, “But, Ginger, I’m an introvert.”
Here’s the great news: all Vert’s can be Connectors.
All Vert’s can master Connectivity Skills.
As I state in the Canon, Everyone who wants to connect, can.
It’s purpose driven by mindset.
Of you’re POW – Positive, Objective, Willing – you can be a confident and competent connector, able to tackle whatever comes your way.
And I know you get a lot that comes your way!
Here’s a short video on the subject. (you can tell it fires me up!)
I’ll share more on this when we’re together.
Call me to book your speaking and training needs today.
See you soon. Until then, keep connecting