photo courtesy of David Knapp

A D has it figured out:

“I really like your content on connecting authentically… I’ve been in sales for years, and always a top-performer.  The thing is, I think I am one the least “aggressive” sales people ever – it’s always been about “inviting” people to come along, not pushing.  I find your work to be affirming a lot of what I’ve noticed through the years, and what has worked well.” – A D , recent conference audience member

Connecting one person at a time, face to face, is the core of connectivity.

Human connection is only built one person at a time. It’s literally impossible to talk with more than 1 person at a time. Focus on one. At a time.

Authenticity is required to truly connect with other people.

Sales is about serving first, so A D has it right as well there: when you invite, you connect.