human connection boosts confidence

“Connecting is an exchange of energy,” she said.

“EXACTLY!!“, was my reply.

She gets it.

human connection boosts confidence

Connecting skills boosts confidence

Connecting requires intention, effort and energy. The energy piece of the puzzle is often sacrificed by lacking intention and therefore effort.

What we really want is what we expend energy on.

If you want to connect with people, meaningfully, amp yourself up to tap into the energy it requires to do so.

The great thing about utilizing some of your energy for connecting is this: As you engage and improve your skills, you improve your practices. As you improve your practices, you increase your confidence. And as your confidence goes up, so goes your excitement and comfort level.

It’s a very happy self-fulfilling cycle, this magic called human connection.

Props to the brilliant business coach Kathleen Ries-Jubenville for succinctly describing connecting above.