I’ve had a conflicted relationship with the word WORK in the last few years.

  • Why does it have such a negative connotation?
  • When did work become a villain, to be blamed and mocked?
  • Why do we choose the word to describe our endeavors to begin with?

Dictionary.com describes the first entry for work as:

“exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil. (noun)

I think my aversion came from not being happy doing the work I had been choosing to do. Really it wasn’t the word; it was my dissatisfaction with what I Was Doing. 

So to word work was guilty by association. (Sorry, ‘work’ – it won’t happen again)

What was really going on was this: I was disconnected from my Why.

Connecting with my Why changed everything.

What does ‘work’ mean to you?

When I shifted my direction in my work – when I changed my purpose – all the sudden *sigh* work was WORK!! And I was loving every minute of it (name that band).

I ‘got’ it in such a different way.

Before it was *sigh* work….. now it’s WORK!!! And I now use and celebrate the word. And I use it a lot more – as in getting the work done, Doing The Work.

If you’re connected to your Why – your purpose – then that’s where your definition of work will come from. What your purpose is drives your work. And if you love your work, then your purpose is clear and positive.

As a connector, I choose to do work that is meaningful and purposeful to me, to make the change I want to see happen in the world. And to Do The Work that needs to be done to make it all happen.

My days are full of Work.

Are yours?