Connecting Vs Networking: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between Connecting and Networking?

I explain it here because there’s a critical difference you need to know.

So…why does it matter?

Good question. And it was one I was really struggling with…why do I not use the word ‘networking’? What was I stuck on??

I was stuck on the literal nature of the words:

  • Connecting is a verb. It’s an action, something you DO.
  • Network is a noun. It’s a thing, not an action.

What brought this front and center for me is a book I’m reading called The Connect Effect, Mike Dulworth. Mike was able to help me identify what the discrepancy is for me. (Thanks Mike!)

Having this sort of clarity – knowing the precise difference – is a life changer for me.

You connect to build a network, not the other way around.

I connect, I don’t network. The Connectivity Canon covers this ground as well.

Do you connect?

Let me know your thoughts – comment below or email me.

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