I often have people ask me for “speaking tips.”

  • A new colleague of mine tells me she’s set to speak at a coming LinkedInLocal.
  • A connection-to-be-made is referred from someone else to me about speaking.
  • A cohort sees me on some sort of group call and asks for help.

What do I tell them?

Well, the first person listed above got this from me:

“What will you do to maximize and really give the folks a great useful time and hold your bar high?

Use these thoughts as desired, ditch them if you don’t want them:

1. Go to give, and give only.
2. In doing so, let everything you have rip – with no other expectations; this is qualified audience & high potential connections.
3. Be prepared, in the very farthest back part of your mind, what you would offer should someone ask. DO NOT let it pervade your thoughts of giving when you present though. The right people will want more when they see you know what you’re talking about.
4. Pro tip: don’t use Powerpoint; focus on connecting with them then, there. If you must, offer the presentation outline (outline only) to the audience, to be given to them AFTER the event is over WHEN they give you their business card.”

Use these as you wish too. Speaking is the powerful gift of peoples’ focused time and attention. It’s time we all never get back – utilize it, value it and really make taking the stage matter.