Have you ever been invited to judge something?

Well, last week – over the July 4th holiday – I was invited to judge a parade.

Having no idea what was involved, I happily accepted, trusting it’d likely all become clear to me with a little instruction and guidance.

In short, that’s what happened: a little instruction, a little guidance… and a whole ball of fun!

Some of my judging cohort, getting the low down from Director, Steph.

The director of a Chamber of Commerce I belong to shared the details with all the judges, we showed up rocket ready to get our orders at 745 am July 4th morning.

Imagine all sorts of animals (people included), vehicles and decorations lining up in a gravel high school parking lot. Clear skies, anticipation, excitement, coffee for some(!) and plenty of goodwill everywhere.

Fire trucks, scouts, Corvettes, horses, vintage cars, flags, streamers, music, bubbles…..

A parade is a seriously fun endeavor. A continual stream of people, walking with chairs and towing wagons & blankets to sit on and flags to wave, headed toward the parade route streets. All ready to enjoy, relax, cheer and connect within their community.

It’s a social endeavor, truly a community opportunity to bring people together for a common purpose: to celebrate.

Parades connect communities.

I’ve judged others things before, like beer and costumes and businesses seeking funding.

Hands down, this was the most fun I’d ever had judging. I’d do it again in a second.

Props to everyone who entered, whether they chose to be judged or not. Props to my judging partner, who made the fun time superfun. And thanks to Steph, the Director for inviting me to do so.

So glad to be connected.

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  1. Sernilla on July 12, 2019 at 9:46 am

    This some truly great stuff!