Close your eyes.

Picture yourself in your home.

You’re getting ready for work.

Maybe you want to go, maybe you don’t.

All the same, you’re going.


See yourself as the most confident and competent version of yourself.

See yourself in whatever clothing makes you feel like a positive force of nature.


Look at your amazing self in the mirror – You’re grinning so hard your face hurts!

Envision in your mind what other people will see: a positive force.


Wherever you works, connectivity is possible.

Now, picture yourself having arrived at work.

See the doors in front of you, ready to welcome you in.

Open the doors and….


Step in. Stride in. Heck, strut in!

Confidently and with a full faith in yourself.

That you are remarkable.

That you are connected with your badass service focused self.


You’re ready.

Your purpose is clear.

You know your Why.

You’ve set your mind.

You own the day.

And you do this over and over and over again.


This is connectivity.