Connectivity Is Your Orchestra For Life



What is it?

Simply. It’s creating and developing relationships, on purpose, with an intent to serve other people.

When I hear people say that, in the work they do, they “just want to help people.

My frequent retort is, “Well, you can help people doing all sorts of things. Why did you choose to do [fill in what they said they do here]?”

That’s when the conversation starts to get traction. That’s when they start talking about what connects them to the works and endeavor they put their time into. Whether they realize it or not, they’re explaining their Why.

Our Why is our purpose, our vision, the driver that gets us up in the morning, sees us through tough times and make the celebration of good times incredibly sweet.

When we serve others founded in our own Why – our purpose – then we are living.

When we don’t know our why, we fumble along, perhaps seemingly content or at least not upset, yet certainly not fulfilled. Not by a long shot.

And if we’re not fulfilled, we’re not putting our whole self into serving others either.

When we are, there’s no sweeter orchestra for us to play by than the Why Philharmonic.

Connectivity to me is knowing my why, staying in tune with it and being aware and present to what my own vision is. (In case you’re wondering, my vision to connect people on purpose with a service mindset).

  • What’s your Why?
  • What can connectivity mean for you?
  • How does knowing your why change our mindset, aka attitude, and therefore your ability to serve?

I think you’ll find that when you’re clear about your Why, then everything else is academic. Why leads the orchestra of our lives.

Question: Tell me in the comments how you connect with your Why.

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