Connectivity Isn’t Complex – It’s Simple

Guess what??

Connectivity isn’t complex. It’s straight forward and simple.

Marti Barletta, long time colleague and mentor – and now friend – sums it up:

“Don’t make it complicated, Ginger. There’s too many people making things complicated.”

She’s right.

When we complicate a process or system or thinking, we ball up the works. We end up thwarting our own connecting endeavors. Here’s why.

If we’re a true connector, we posses and exercise a service mindset. Being in service to another person, cause, entity provides the way forward with excitement, enthusiasm and vigor. It’s a path we want to take, rather than one we feel we “should” or “have to.”

Connectors like to keep things simple. Connecting one person to another. Making a recommendation, introduction and suggestion. All in a service mindset. To really serve that person.

When you serve someone else, you end up serving yourself.

Do you do it with just anyone?

No, that’s where we can make things complicated.

We step into connecting and into being a Connector with full awareness (though not always understanding – that’s called faith) that we’ll be able to move things forward.

Connecting is simple. The framework is in the book:

  • Why
  • Mindset
  • First Move
  • Y In The Road
  • Pursue Your Path
  • Follow Up
  • Follow Through


Keep it simple, make it really happen. When you do, you’ll make the world a better place for your efforts.

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