Connectivity Requires Participation

Connectivity requires participation.

Participation means showing up.

This morning I got up and out the door, and I want to a local chamber event.

If I don’t show up, I don’t make progress.

I don’t have the opportunity to serve people, other people don’t have the opportunity to learn about me, and we don’t build community.

Community requires participation. Connectivity requires participation.

This is a wonderful virtuous circle…

Look at your calendar this week.

You’re never too busy. Everybody has the same amount of time.

You get to decide what’s a priority.

  • Is it a priority to build connections?
  • Is it a priority to build community?

Then participate. Pick one space that you want to show up in this week, and show up. Fully and with a service mindset and you’re going to have a great time.

Remember, it’s a great day to connect.

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