Connectivity Speeds Up Results

When you think of connectivity, you may wonder, “Okay – fine, Ginger. You’re talking about Connectivity. But what does it do for me – how does it drive results?”

Relevant question. Here’s how I’d respond.

1. Connectivity = real, in-human, person to person relationship creation and development.

2. Technology = tools, i.e. phones, computers, slide shows. Technology isn’t connectivity and it’ll never replace the human to human kind of connectivity.

So knowing how to connect with another person, human to human. drives all kinds of results – like meaningful relationships that can only be created and fueled by being in the same room with another person, by hiking a hill with another live person, by talking over a steaming cup of tea with another person, by laughing over a shared joke or being moved in a theatre with other people.

Connectivity begins in-person.

Connectivity is truly the conduit for society – when we choose to talk with each other real-time in-person we can discuss, debate, create, solve and change in positive directions.

Results are driven by being able to have conversations with other people, civil and productive and respectful. That’s what connectivity is at the core: being able to connect with other people, face to face.

Communication is a core element of connectivity.

It’s too easy (and lazy) to send an email or text or assume the audience of meeting will “get” what you’re trying to share via a webinar or seated (statically, with no interaction) in seats, getting lectured at.

Plus, those things aren’t connectivity. They’re modalities in trying to communicate. Which will only work when you’ve got the foundation of connectivity firmly in place first. Put the horse first, please.

Think of it this way: if you make a concerted effort to begin conversations, create and develop real human relationships with intentional effort and energy put into the personal side of what it takes to create meaningful connections, then you can change the world.

Like Bo says, there are no shortcuts. He’s right. Connectivity is the long game and requires investment.

When you learn how connectivity drives results, you see the long game is more than worth it – and all the more fun and enriching.

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