About two years ago I met with a friend. We got together on a somewhat regular basis and shared what was happening in our lives.

It was at one of these catch-ups that she planted a new thought in my head. I’d been lamenting trying to make the progress I really wanted to make, in the chosen industry I’d selected… it was an old story she’d heard before.

At one point she said, “Ginger, what if your work isn’t [previous focus] anymore?”

The question gave me significant pause.

What if…

What if that was absolutely true?

What if the previous work had run its course, if I was done and needed to move on to different, bigger, more suitable, better, more meaningful?

Here it is, a few years later and I know: she was right. And what she was right about was that The Thing I was doing wasn’t a fit anymore. It didn’t light me up, excite me, inspire me. It merely exhausted me, tired me out, frustrated me.

All within my control.


The next question was: What do I shift to? What is The Thing I want to do, if it’s not that thing…how do I figure that out?

Well, I went deep into growth. Signing on for and buying growth programs of a wide variety. Hiring a coach or two. Talking with the right people – people who were experts, had shifted, had useful insights for me. Seeking new direction, new inspiration, trying to figure out what I did want to wake up and fill my days with. What work I wanted to set out to do.

I commenced prairie dogging: thinking and then popping up when I thought I had it – WHEEE!!! Yes, Yes!! This is it, this is the thing… Only to disappear underground again, into the prairie dog hole to re-figure out what was ahead because that thing I’d just popped up about wasn’t really and completely the thing.

A good 5 to 6 prairie dog pop-ups and 18+ months later, I knew. The Thing was Connectivity.

AND the fascinating element was that, it’s always been connectivity for me. Another golden thread if you will. A facet of life and how I go about it that has always been part of me. Only now, I’d decided very consciously to make it The Thing. My Work. My Life.

Ahhhhhh…. it felt soooooooooo gooooooooood.


I’ve learned so much in those short years gone by.

That connectivity is indeed what I want to share, learn about, give and teach the world.

It fits my hum of speaking, coaching, writing, growing myself and others to make the world a better place.

It puts the best and highest purpose forward: to develop leaders into world-class connectors.

Still so much to learn, share, teach. And now I know I’m doing the right work, for the right reasons. I’m solidly rooted in my Why.


Connectors change the world. I know because I’ve seen the why & mindset required of true connectors (not networkers) change their world and others’ worlds.

A life once connected changes other lives.


What is Your Thing? Your Work? Your Life? Your Why?

How do you intend to change the world for the better? How do you lead, in whatever capacity you do (everyone does…)? How do you connect with other people?

Do you have it figured out?

The joy and richness of life as a connector is many-fold. If I can be of help to you in your efforts to learn how to be a world-class connector, get in touch. It’d be a pleasure and honor to help you do so.