If you’ve ever wondered how to start a conversation and are simply unsure how to begin, here’s a classic tactic for you to use.

  1. Come up with 3 topics you enjoy discussing and learning about.
  2. Take those topics and come up with open-ended questions within those topics to ask other people.
  3. The next time you want to strike up a convo, use one of your prepared questions.

For example:

  • Say you really enjoy music (like I do). That can be one of your topics.
  • You decide you specifically enjoy finding new musicians and groups to listen to.
  • So, your open-ended question can be, “What new groups or musicians or singers are you listening to lately?”

Another example:

  • Say you’re a hiker.
  • You really enjoy flat land long distance hiking through deserts (specific is terrific, people!).
  • Your open-ended question can be, “What sort of outdoor activities do you enjoy?” – Followed up with “Tell me about any hiking adventures you’ve had.”

Exploratory non-question openers are equally compelling and effective.

Connecting is skills-based expertise. Anyone who wants to learn how to connect, can – by developing the skills, like asking open-ended questions.


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