The day started for me before the sun was a glimmer in the sky.

The air outside was cool, some would call it cold. Having grown up in a robustly 4-season state, I find it refreshing and welcome. A bracing slight breeze accompanied me to my car, as I headed on down the road to deliver a talk on Connectivity to a Rotary club an hour and twenty minutes away. (Thank Bryan and the whole Columbus Morning Rotary Club for the warm welcome + Picket Fence Cafe for the hearty breakfast)

Yes, you read that right: 80 full minutes away. One way.

Pulling into the town, still pre-dawn, searching for the glow of the cafe windows where I was to meet my contact, creeping along.

Ah – there it is…..find a parking space, pull up, park the car.

Before heading inside, gathering my thoughts one more time and gear for the guests awaiting a worthwhile talk, I was excited.

What fires you up, and down a pre-dawn cold highway?

Here’s the inside secret: I’m ALWAYS excited to be invited to speak.

It’s more than my profession. It’s my obsession.

Speaking and delivering – sharing, giving, serving – the why & how of connectivity makes my world go round. The opportunity to help people learn and think and often rethink how we are connected to who we are, what we pursue and why is intoxicating for me.

There’s nothing else I’d prefer to do; no where in those moments that I’d rather be.


When I turned the corner to connectivity, I was quite sure that the idea was one whose time had come. I’m absolutely convicted of that now. Unshakably, enthusiastically and impatiently so.

Driving past miles of cornfield, standing cattle, barns, more vast cornfields, elevators and everything that makes our heartland beat, I found myself smiling unconsciously. When I realized it, I grinned….

If what fires up your belly, brain and heart makes you grin – helps you get up in pre-dawn cold weather, you’ve chosen your path. I’m pursuing my path with connectivity. Cows and cornfields included. There’s no place I’d rather be, nothing I’d rather be doing.

Is your life the one you want to live? Are you connected with your fire?

If so, tell me about it.

If no, go find it. Get help, figure it out. Tell me how I can help.

Living is the whole part of life. Connect to it.