Connection is all about communication.

Verbal, non-verbal and body.

Listening is a critical part of language.

So ask yourself right now:

  • Have I learned how to listen?
  • Have I ever taken a class, read a book, showed up to learn from a teacher, teaching about how to listen?

This article in the New York Times really nails it. Author Kate Murphy busts some myths and offers some valuable how-to juice for us. I recommend reading it.

I also recommend getting and reading and using Julian Treasure’s How To Be Heard. As a sound expert, his real-life quest to learn and understand sound and how we engage with it, including listening, is powerful. And useful. And helpful to us all.

If you’ve never read, taken a course, or been in a class on listening, put that on your must-do list for this year – in fact, shorten it up: commit to doing so in Q1 of this shiny new decade.

Listening is connecting.

Do you really know how to listen?