Do you want to declare Email Bankruptcy?

“I want to declare email bankruptcy!”

My friend C shared this statement with me in a phone conversation recently. And it got me thinking, after I stopped chuckling.

What are the ways you communicate?

Communication is connection.

My favored way to connect is in person… what’s yours?

So choosing the forms and avenues for communication you want to use – and want to forgo – matter. We put better more meaningful effort into what we really want, less into what we don’t. We connect with what we really want, we don’t connect with what we don’t.

I love C’s idea of email bankruptcy – to me it means a moratorium on email; a break; a stoppage of however long, short or permanent.

In its place = human connection. In-person, phone calls, even letters and hard written notes sent through the mail.

Get clear on the methods of true human connection you want to use and get rid of the rest. There’s nothing to keep up with using a tool or avenue you don’t want to use, if it’s not something you care about using to begin with.

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