Doubling down means to get clear.


Discipline ourselves to do the thing that really makes and impact, the real thing that needs to get done to improve the world and serve our people.

It’s NOT busy work, stuff that needs filing, shuffling papers around your desk, organizing anything.

It’s about moving forward.

And busy-ness and the crap we can all get swept up in disconnects us from our purpose.

It removes us and distracts us from others, meaningful works and progress.

Sometimes when I feel at a standstill or like I’m spinning my wheels I will, in fact, reorganize something or a room or do some sort of task that helps me recenter.

Now that I’m much more aware that it’s waste of my precious time, I’m getting better at recognizing that when I need to double down, those interludes get shorter and sometimes skipped all together.

Another day will come where I can file papers, clean my email, move schtuff around.

Today – I’m doubling down on impact, education and sharing Connectivity.

Today – I’m doubling down to focus, remove and ignore distraction that feels good sometimes, for another time.

Today – I’m doubling down to serve.

What will you double down on today?

How will you really connect with who you are, your Why and what impact you can make?

Let me know below. And tell me how I can help you do so.


Nods to Brendon and my HPMastermind cohort today, for the inspiration and motivation.