Our vision, our purpose. It’s the number one element of Connectivity and the first step we take toward becoming a connector. To get clear we must dedicate time to doing so.

Here’s what I recommend.

Reserve 30 minutes on your calendar, on a set time and day on a weekly basis.

Once you’ve reserved that time, commit that it’s yours and not to be given to anyone else.

Anticipate the time and prepare by decided a quiet, undisturbable place where you won’t be distracted, by yourself or anyone else. Create a short check list for when the time comes:

  • Turn off phone, any electronics, all distractions off and elsewhere*.
  • If you think better with a cuppa, prepare it in advance – do not use the precious time prepping a cup of tea or glass of beer; think ahead.
  • Have paper & pencil or pen; leave the computer and all electronics* behind.

When that time and place arrives, close your eyes and get physically comfortable. Try to quiet your mind.

Envision your fabulous self at your best. Envision who you are at your penultimate, doing the works you love to do, serving others. Keep that vision in your mind’s eye.

Now, ask yourself: why is this who (me) I envision? What is it about this image conjured that exemplifies my Why – my purpose?

When we can imagine ourselves at our best, we are more likely to gain clarity. Clarity feeds our why, since without a clear why, we’re going nowhere fast (literally). In order to know our why, we have to know our purpose and the reasons we want to bring to life that vision seen in our minds eye.

Why is so core to connecting¬† that without, you’re selling yourself short in efforts to meet and get to know people. You may, dare I say, network, yet you’ll never connect without a why.

Once you can envision yourself with your Why in mind, write it down. What do you see, how are you, where are you, whom are you with, why are you so happy with this vision (which tells you you’ve got it)?

If you can do this in a half hour, you’re on your way.

If you need to use that reserved half hour weekly until you get it, do.

And I’d recommend scheduling a regular review, at least twice a year, to make sure it’s still the Why that drives you forward. Adjust as needed.

For the record: It took me 18 – 24 months to get crystal clear on my own Why; give yourself some grace and time needed. Just be sure to do it.

Why is the first element in connectivity. Get familiar with it, get to the root of your own purpose, then move on to your mindset.

Why = the beginning Element of the Connectivity, in the Connectivity Framework. If you want the whole thing, you can order your own copy of the Connectivity Canon. It’s in the book.