First Move

The very first action you make in attempting to connect with someone is a First Move.

Want to strike up a conversation with someone at a conference? How about order a drink from a bartender? What about ask for directions or recommendations from a hotel concierge or someone walking down the same street at you?

These are all First Moves. They’re the embodiment of intention. If you want to connect, you can. And likely, you will if you already know your Why & Mindset.

To be clear: First Moves for a connector are in-person. Technology is not a replacement for personal interaction.

Can you make a first move electronically? Well, sort of. Yes and no. Yes because if you’re truly in a connectors mindset and your why is intentionally to serve other people, then you can begin the first move.

I’ve found that electronic first moves jump forward fast, if started online or on the phone and then fostered with in person time together.

No if it’s only electronic, if it goes no further I’d argue that you’re not completely connected.

As humans we hunger to be connected – to feel a belonging and sense of value – with others. Only face to face can cement these hungers and bring them to life.

Start connecting today.

Caveat: be very aware and cautious that online interactions will never replace human contact.

Making a First Move requires confidence in self. Confidence originates with a solid Why, which is then fed by Mindset. Confidence is Doing The Thing, having faith in your fine self and skills… that you may succeed, you may falter, yet you’ll never fail in the trying. To not try is to fail and mistakes are tuition. Tuition well invested when you’re doing good works, based in your why & mindset.

There are specific tactics I share in the Connectivity Canon as well, on making First Moves. Get your own copy here, now, if you like so you have the entire Connectivity Framework and all the insights inside.

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