Once you’ve decided to make the First Move  – and done it – then you’ve reached the Y In The Road.

The Y is the juncture where you get to make a choice: Do I stay (keep going, continue to see where this first move can go) or do I go (move on, there are 7+ billion other people on the planet).

The Y is where Goal also starts factoring in. Why do you want to stay or go, in each particular case? What is it you’re hoping to give? What might you want to get? What’s your goal in the interaction?

Get clear on your goal and the Y’s become smoother, more focused, simpler.

There are specific tactics I share in the Connectivity Canon as well, on all the Elements. Get your own copy here, now,  so you have the entire Connectivity Framework and all the insights at your fingertips.

Keep connecting.

p.s. this video, Where Do You Show Up? is directly related to your Y…


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