As a Connector, having a strategy is key. 

Why do you want to connect with people, to begin with – which started us off – launches the strategic thinking for connectors.

Why indeed.

You’ve got a lot of places you can go, things to do, people to see, ways to ‘use’ your time.

Connectors, therefore, are strategic about the connections they seek, accept and foster. A strategy is a plan, that roadmap to get you from your point of origin moving toward a destination.

Pursuing Your Path is the deliberate decision to move forward.

Staying in place won’t help you, you’ve got to move!


You’ve come this far in the Elements. WELL DONE!! Now, keep going.

Next up: FUFT (tune in to find out what the heck that is…)


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p.s. sometimes Connectors create a wake – that’s a good thing….


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