Free LIVECAST 11/9/18: 5 Elements of Connectivity (aka a live How-To conversation – it’s gonna be great!)

* If you want to know real world tactics that WORK for learning how to connecting with other people on purpose…
* If you want to be comfortable and confident in your connecting efforts…
* If you want a Framework to help guide you in connecting…
* If you’re ready to learn 5 Elements in the Connectivity Framework to help you meet people and connect…

…then join me THIS FRIDAY November 9th at 1 pm PDT for a Complementary 60-minute Livecast on the 5 Elements Of Connecting.

Where did the Elements come from?

When I decided to write my second book, the Connectivity Canon, I really wanted it to be meaningful and worthwhile.

In the writing of the Canon, my main goal was to create a book-as-tool to help people connect on purpose with a service mindset. To teach you how to connect with other people, comfortably and confidently to really enjoy meeting and getting to know other people.

I wanted the book to be useful, not merely good.

As a Connector, people ask me how I do it – how I actively engage, create and develop new relationships so easily?
My answer: develop a framework, with actual tactical steps, and get to it.

The Elements emerged as I wrote, eventually forming what has become my signature Connecting Framework. (There are actually 7 Elements – we’ll start with 5 on Friday.)

I was so excited! Here’s this gold nugget of the whole book dealio – a tangible, tactical Framework of Elements people like you can see, understand and use in everyday life.

It was soooooo exciting…because the Framework divides the whole (and sometimes daunting) big idea of how-to-connect-with-other-people into actual steps: the “Elements of Connectivity.”

In the Livecast, I’ll be mapping out How-to Connect in the simple to understand and use Connectivity Framework.

If you join me this Friday, 1 pm PDT for the free Livecast, I’ll share these 5 Elements with you so you can use them Right Away, immediately following the Livecast.

Sound good?

If so, register today by replying via email or by commenting below, with the subject line of “I’ll Be There!”

Here’s the only thing I ask of you: if you want to be there, make a full commitment to yourself and to me to do so.

There are limited spaces for this Livecast.

I’ll be giving away thank you gifts and a few bonuses for registrants who show up and participate.
(You gotta participate to be in the running for gifts and bonuses – it’s another way to show up for yourself.)

For this to work, I need to make sure you’re going to show up for your own growth – that you’re seriously interested in learning the 5 Elements of Connectivity so you can apply them in your life.

The takeaways:
You’ll learn the 5 Elements of Connectivity
You’ll see how the Connectivity Framework is an immediately useful tool to help you meet people.
You can put it to work the minute we’re done.

If you’re seriously interested and can’t make Friday at 1 pm PDT work, here are two other options to comprehensively learn Connectivity right now:

  1. Buy your own copy of the Connectivity Canon today. Get it, read it, use it.
  2. Join me in private Connecting Coaching, to become a Master Connector. Applications available upon request; I want to make sure we’re a solid fit in working together.

If you’re not serious, then leave the space open for someone else who is.

Register now by sending me an email or commenting here with reply “I’ll Be There!” in the subject line – if you’re fired up, ready & able.
Come with your questions on connecting too – I’m budgeting time for Q&A as well.

Remember, there’s limited space (yes, really).

Once you’re registered, I’ll send you final details via email + a quick reminder Friday morning too.

Looking forward to having you join me this Friday on the Livecast.

Thanks ~

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