Get To Know Your Postal Carrier

Who else knows the name of their postal carrier?

In talking with my mom this morning, she inquired about my business endeavors. This is no small ask: I’ve invented and reinvented myself a number of times as an adult and she wants to know what I’m up to. I appreciate that very much.

So in explaining what I do – in my pursuit to talk about Connectivity I pointed out that Connectivity runs in our family. One example of how the four of us (Mom, Dad, Sister, me) are connectors is how we all know our postal carriers. We know their names and a few things about them. We’re glad to see them and happy to help make their lives and efforts easier and smoother. How?

Because we ask. Because they are people like us (seems obvious enough) and they have lives outside their routes (like all of us, again). While that’s all seemingly well and good, why don’t more people know their carriers?

Perhaps the more common question or curiosity from those who don’t know their carrier to those of us who do is: why? Why do you, how do you, to what end? Why bother to begin with?

Well, connectors realize that connections are to be made everywhere in our lives. The example of the postal carrier is one specific example.

More than ‘just’ a mailbox…it’s an opportunity to connect.

I like to know my postal carriers because they are the bearers of whobody mail, other stuff I may or may not want delivered to me in rainsleetsnow, and because they may have questions for me. Like, where can I leave packages for you? Or, I noticed your mail piled up for a few days – would you like me to help you hold it when you go out-of-town?

It’s also because when I know them, I find out how I can make their endeavors smoother and more enjoyable too. I imagine, like all work, there is some mundanity involved. If I can help liven up their day, bring a smile to their face, treat them with respect and have a pleasant conversation, then we’re all good.

I want to know them because I have a life long love affair of the postal service for what it can bring to life – and what it delivers to others. I want to know because they’re engaged, smart, see-a-lot-of-stuff-the-rest-of-us-don’t-see community members. And because they’re often taken for granted and unseen. We get our mail out of the box and that’s it for many.

That’s not it for me.

Connecting with them is.

Cheers today to all the diligent postal carriers and my mom for inspiring this post. Connect with your local USPS or whomever you send goods and letters to and fro with. I’m inspired by other people working for a living, helping others accomplish their goals and desires. Indeed, it’s why I do what I do – speak and write about connectivity. Being connected with my postal carriers connects me to one small portion of the population.

Because with connectivity everything is possible.

Tell me your story of knowing your postal people below. We’ll all benefit in hearing how they come to be. Thanks.

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