Give People A Welcome Exit

Now what in the world does this mean: “give people a welcome exit”?

It means to be ready to open the door for them on the way out (nicely – no hitting their butts on the way out). It means having a very obvious and easy to execute “Unsubscribe” link. It means thanking people for coming to your talk if they get up early to go. It means being gracious to everyone who has chosen to give you their attention for any length of time.

The world is a noisier and noisier place – civility and good manners go a long ways towards building your business. Plus it’s always good to be gracious. Here’s an excellent article on how being gracious is good for your business.

Make it easy to leave.

Make it easy to leave.

When I send out my monthly enewsletter, I invariably get some opt-outs. I’m totally good with that and here’s why: If they are not opting out and cursing me out instead, then I’ve failed. I’ve failed to honor their option to give me their attention or not. I want people to opt out if they don’t find what I can share of value. I don’t want them to get pissed or feel like they’re being uncontrollably spammed; I hate that too.

And invariably I get regular opt-ins, from people I don’t know (yet). That’s success for me.

Being gracious is an ongoing exercise in patience, kindness, business savvy and marketing acumen. Being gracious coexists with assertively growing your business just fine too, by the way.

So give people a welcoming exit path. Let them know where the escape hatch is, how to pull the handle and leave the conversation. At worst, you lose someone who wasn’t engaged – and that’s not really the worst by a long shot. At best, you make an exit smooth and easy, which can still engender your brand to those who leave.

Let people go with a good taste in their mouth, so to speak. They’ll keep saying good things about you. And that, my friends, is what smart marketing can do for you.

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