Look at your day ahead.

Who will you connect with?


What’s the purpose of connecting with them?

If it’s only to get something from them, try to sell them something, or other banal reason, pause a moment.

Rethink: how can I make this usually sterile and perfunctory interaction personal? How can I make it meaningful? What can I change in my approach and words and style to make it meaningful for the other person?

Connectors are always examining how to serve other people. The service mindset comes from a place of intention. An attitude of “what does that other person need?” Not, “what can I get from that person?”

Yes, the best relationships, the most meaningful connections are reciprocal.

Be the one to give first. Be the one to invest, be willing to go deep, go beyond the (sadly) mediocre everyday expectations most people have.

Pursue excellence. Practice steadfastness to purpose.

Make your purpose serving others and you’ll develop your connecting skills.

When you want help in developing them with focused training and coaching, call me. I’d be glad to help.