How Connectivity Relieves Struggle

If you’re struggling to ________, connect with someone who can help.

Struggle isn’t glorious or grand or romantic. It’s exhausting.

If you are struggling with Some Thing, reach out and find someone who can help you. Myriad options abound for all sorts of assistance, getting-unstuck, finding help, joy and encouragement. Connect to move forward.

This is true, no matter your mindset.

  • Having a great day? Reach out, connect with someone you can help.
  • Having a great day, working through something yourself? Reach out and connect with someone who can boost your efforts.
  • Having a not so great day? Reach out to someone who you’re connected with who can lend support.
  • Having a not so great day? Reach out and find someone to connect with who can lend support.

The next time you struggle, connect. Connectivity = purpose and meaning. Finding and building those relationships of strong connectivity help us all out, in every case.

Someone’s waiting to help you; be ready to help someone as well. That’s the magic of connectivity.

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