How Do I Find Trustworthy Connections On LinkedIn?

Q: “Hey Ginger! Since being active on LinkedIn, I’m getting messages like what am I doing, exactly what, they ask for details. When I ask them what are they looking for or why so much details they say just curious or looking for ideas. And then they don’t talk further. I came to LinkedIn to increase my network for business. Not looking for customers but a partner! It’s not easy to find trustworthy among hundreds and thousands. Can you tell me how to use LinkedIn in a better way?”

Props to Mrudula for the question – and likely applicable to many of us.

A: Here’s my video reply.

What question do you have around Connectivity and using various platforms?

FYI – I’ve gotten deep into LinkedIn, including having hired terrific coaches with serious movement forward. If you’re seeking a LI coach, start with Kate.

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