How Do You Control The Energy In The Room?

This question was posed to me by adept business person, Tony Whatley.

He was interviewing me for his podcast and we were rolling right along….

When he asked the question, How do you control the energy in the room?, I knew he understood connectivity.

Controlling the energy in a room comes with first controlling your own energy. It actually starts further back – all the way to your Why.

Your why is your purpose.

So if we’re talking about controlling energy in a room, we have to check in with why we’re in that room to begin with.

Once we determine a fit of Why to our intent of being in that room, then Mindset comes in. Said another way, if we’re going to be in that room, our mindset must support us. Our attitude, aka mindset, is the ‘control’ we have over ourselves.

That’s how you control the energy in the room.

  1. Know your Why.
  2. Determine your Mindset.
  3. Control the energy.

Once you’re in control of your own energy, you become a magnet to others.

That’s connectivity in a very pure and honest form.

How are you at controlling your own energy?

Think about that first, before you enter those rooms.

It’s tantamount to progress and it’s fundamental to connecting.