How Do You Meet And Connect With People? 5DCC starts soon!

Last January, I launched the first-ever 5 Day Connecting Challenge. (here’s the intro video)
An intrepid group of people decided to join me and we sallied forth into becoming better Connectors.

What’s a Connector?

Someone who connects with people on purpose with a service mindset.

They’re out to change the world by creating and developing relationships that change their lives.
They’re game changers and doers, in all sorts of ways.

Being a connector has changed my life and I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

And, for the record, I didn’t start out this way.

People ask me, “How do you do it – How do you know so many people? How do you meet people?”

It’s a muscle like any other; it takes focused time, effort and attention.
And it’s NOT networking. (That’s the tip of the iceberg.)
We’re talking about going deep – learning how to be a better person by being a great connector.

Connectors make our world go, they move and change and do.

Do you want to be a Connector?
Then join us.
I can show you how.

Starting Monday October 29th, for 5 days in a row, we’ll rally ‘round Connecting together.
For 5 days, I’ll send you an email with specific instructions on how to dig into the Challenge, with guidance from me, on how to build your connecting muscles and skills.

You’ll learn the 7 Elements of Connectivity – the clear framework that outlines specific steps.
You’ll start to see how easy and comfortable it can be.
And, like many others who start to see what being a Connector can mean for your life, your confidence grows with every interaction.

The investment is your time, energy, focus and intent to Do This.
It’s a free Challenge.
It’s only for you IF you’re willing to invest the time, energy and focus required.
I want to give it to you. No strings.
DO NOT sign on if you’re only going to go halfway.

If you want to join me, reply directly to this email with “I’m In!”
That’s it.
You’ll be among a special group of people who want to learn how to be a Connector.
If you’re already a Connector, Great! The Challenge will further improve your skills.

For those who find the 5 Day Connecting Challenge meaningful, there’ll be available options on the last day to help you keep moving forward toward Connectivity Mastery.

If you want to learn how to become a Connector, as well as how to become a Better Connector, reply now.

And yes, if you think of friends, cohorts and colleagues who would also benefit from this Challenge, please feel very free to encourage them to sign up as well. Share this email with them – here’s a link directly to the blog post with this info too.

Thanks for being connected with me. I appreciate your time, attention and engagement. See you soon.

It’s a great day to connect,

p.s. I’ve got loads of connectivity videos on my YouTube channel too
p.s.s. Are we connected on LinkedIn yet?

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