How Do You Pivot In A Pandemic? Part 2: Ways You Can Pivot.

Part 1: Reflect, Shift, Sleep. Read it here.

Part 2: Ways You Can Pivot.

Next, with the terrific support of my team, we’re examining our own strategies and tactics: what are you doing, why, how, when, and so forth. A few clients have actually asked me for technology help. Oof. Talk about not-in-my-wheelhouse-or-even-my-marina. AND what a gift to be asked, to be given the sign that I can still serve, that I’m still needed and can help.

Can I help them with the tech?

Yes, of course. I can learn. We all can.

I’ve boosted my basic tech skills (thanks again to my team, Larry and Sarah) so we can help others move forward in new ways. So, they can still serve.

I’ve heard of so many speakers saying No to digital presentations. WTF is that?! Why would you turn down the invite and opportunity to stop serving and working, based on what you want to do, instead of what you still can do, simply in a new modality?

Being a speaker isn’t about the speaker; it’s about the audience and the change you can bring about for them.

For those who don’t shift, well… bon chance. That’s an intentional dis-connect and unwillingness to shift flummoxes me entirely. I WANT to work, I LOVE my work, so I’m open and curious about all options.

Might I say no to some? Possibly. Certainly when what’s requested isn’t at all a fit.

I’d say no to certain live options too.

What’s changed for me is not if I’m working, rather how I work, no matter the world circumstances. I can still affect real transformation for people teaching the why and how of human connection. Being that teacher who provides the safe space to be, think and do, which we’re all starved for is exactly what I get hired to teach, coach and deliver. The opportunity to help them change their thinking changes lives. It’s deeply meaningful work and I’m not stopping. Heck, I’m just warming up!


Next, I’m letting go.

Detaching myself from a few previous anchors that won’t serve anymore. Perhaps ever again.

A valued frolleague taught me what detachment was a few years ago when I was at a pivotal point in my life. It’s literally saved my life and certainly my sanity (thanks again, Loren!)

Think about letting go this way: you’re cutting lines that bound previously, ones you created. They may well have been the wrong lines at that time, even then. Cut them. Burn the boats, so to speak, since we’re now on primitive islands of learning from which there is no return. Only forward.

I think there’s a reason we call them relation-ships; sail on the ones that are positively meaningful, release the ones that aren’t. Change your behavior by changing your connections. It’s both sobering and liberating.

I’m examining my current connections, long time connections (aka relationships), friends & family. Yes, family is in there too. We don’t choose our blood or legal family. Give yourself the permission to include your blood and adopted relatives in this examination.

Speaking ‘relatively’, some of those relationships can be the most sticky, unpleasant and toxic. Examine ALL your connections, take a clear-eyed and rested-brain look, in the fresh light of a new day. Decide what you want YOUR life to look like, serving and connecting to a greater good. How do the connections you have serve that purpose, that vision, that new island?


While connecting with people is *almost* a compulsion for me, this is where I do in fact struggle. It’s like a new version of the famous Clash song: Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now? Should I connect of should I go now?

This very idea makes up the entire chapter 10 of my book on human connection, the Connectivity Canon, Permission Slips and Letting Go. Indeed, we’re shouted at to “join”, “follow”, “Like”, clap, heart and myriad other actions. To engage, I’d suggest we need to un-connect; to disconnect from what’s unproductive, toxic and backwards in order to better move forward. To delete what isn’t positive and constructive and growth minded.

For the record, detachment and un-connecting isn’t judgement-based.

It isn’t deleting a Twitter follower (or blocking them) because we disagree. If anything, we need to learn how to civilly, respectfully and constructive have all kinds of conversations on every single topic under the Sun. If we don’t do that, we’re cooked.

Examination to disconnect is the idea brought to life of: who will you give your precious hours of life to? Where will you invest, instead of spend? What are you prepared to give? And what is the gain you’re seeking?

In all of this, judgment is suspended; decision making rules the roost. You can make a decision without judging, instead deciding what works for you with no denigration or prejudice-in-action. Choose what’s best for you toward the greater good overall.

Like one of my coaches states, judge less, feel better. Truth.


Part 3: Judgment, Language and the Limbo


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