How Do You Pivot In A Pandemic? Part 4: Skill-up, Focus, Connect

Skilling-up is another way I’m pivoting. What does that mean?

It means that with the way the world, ne people, are shifting how they invest their time, it’s the perfect time to examine your minutes, hours, days, weeks and years ahead. We’re in a marvelous new decade.

Perhaps it’s just month after month for you and the year isn’t significant.

It’s significant to me and I sincerely hope it matters to you.

It matters that we’re in a Brand New Decade. SERIOUSLY!!! I’m stoked. Think about it as a fresh slate, renewed starting line toward the fabulous future of our own making.


Is there crap to wade through?

Well, of course. AND there’s still ‘the other side’ of this beast. While we don’t know when, we can reasonably count on a *yet again* different kind of future awaiting us.

Think about that future as the art of the possible; what you do now, who you build strong connections with now, will dictate what they future can be. We get to invest and design what we want life to be – and that’s always been the case.

For all of us. Without question, it’s glorious.

We have a lot of work to do, my friends.

Pivot, my friends. You can do it & I’m here to help.

Think about how profoundly fortunate we are – lucky even – to be living in a time where we can literally see the face of a person on the other side of the planet. It blows my ever-lovin mind.

Pivoting in business for me has been to call my clients, as is already my practice, and invite them to, “tell me how you’re doing” and listen fully. More than the glib check-in, it’s a sincere point of human connection: to genuinely want to know about their well-being, what’s going on in their world, what kind of help and support they’re seeking. If there’s a way I can help, and there usually is in some way, I step up and do so.

  • Want to know someone who’s a ____? Let me connect you with ____, I think they may be able to help.
  • Seeking a pro who does ______? Let me connect you with ______, since they’re in the field.
  • Curious how ____ works right now? Allow me to connect you with _____. They’re connected to ____.

Human connection is how I get through everything, pandemic and otherwise.

The art of connection is magical.


For the record, skills you learn in every realm touch ever other realm. Here’s what I mean. When people choose to wisely invest in their ‘professional growth’ they are in fact simultaneously investing in their person growth, and vice versa. Whoever thought that “business isn’t personal” had it all wrong.

We are people; we are in business; it’s all tied together. Don’t try to separate the advantages of thinking of all growth as total growth. You’d only be cutting off your nose to spite your face if you did.

Now’s the time, my friends, to get rid of the bad ties that bind, replace them or cut them and set them free. Now’s the time to connect, mono y mono, one at a time, thoughtfully, sincerely and with an intent to serve.


When I set out to change the world – to connect the world – I knew it was a big charge I’d given myself. Having started (and ended) other businesses of varying measures of success before, there’s never been a moment like this in modern life that is so starved for what I offer.

I’m managing my days and nights, carefully. Sometimes well, other times haphazardly yet always with the compass set on my North Star: teaching leaders why and how to connect. Great people like you who want and need a boost to keep going, to get through and to come out stronger.

It’s my vision, mission and purpose and there’s nothing else I’d rather do. Helping others learn what connects them, to help themselves learn to help themselves is an honor and a privilege and sheer joy.

Human connection is the best kind of contagion too.


What can we and must we do now?

  • Focus on your own purpose.
  • Pivot, my friends.
  • Reflect, adjust, move.
  • Acknowledge and accept that it requires focus, energy and effort.
  • This is the way forward. No shortcuts, no hacks, no substitutes.


There will always be a way forward. It may not be anything like what we hoped or envisioned, yet there’s always a way. We manage, we get through, we get to the other side eventually.

We can still live very connected lives. That’s what I’m teaching people right now. How to get, be and stay connected; even as the world changes day by day, week by week, appreciably. We can and must still connect with each other, in meaningful ways. Sometimes new ways, sometimes classic ways we’re forgotten or put in the corner or mistreated previously.


Dust off your letter writing skills, make more phone calls than zoom meetings, and turn up your empathy dial. Connect like you’ve never done before. Drop the meaningless busywork, and be productive.

If you choose to up-level your own game of life right now with human connection skills, you’ll grow, impact and experience the endless possibilities still and always within reach.


Like the mighty Marie Forleo states, the world needs you. She’s right.

Get connected, stay connected with yourself and others who help you grow and thrive, not merely survive.

If you make it through this, you can make it through anything.

And when I can do anything to help you do so, I’m right here. Call on me anytime.


Connectors change the world.

That, my friends, is how you pivot. That is how you be the change you want to see.


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