Here’s a recent exchange in Linkedin with a new connection….Lesson summary on the bottom of the post.


N: It’s my pleasure to connect with someone like you in this crazy life. I’m try to build home based business during this pandemic period, hopefully everything going well. Stay safe stay inside Best Regards

Me: Hi N – What type of business are you building?


N: Well, I’m a distributor for [X] global which is direct selling company. I always have a target I have to hit . I really like the business and the products but I need platform to make promotion for those products. Can you help me ?

Me: Hi N – I’d encourage you to think about the following to build your business:

1. Get clear on why you’ve chosen to be part of the company; you can do anything – why this company, why now, what does it mean to you?

2. Tell your story – why you came to be with the company, what the products truly mean to you (and it wont’ work if it’s solely money driven) so people can see what makes your work matter.

3. Learn how to connect with people FIRST, learn how to serve FIRST; sales come from genuine connection later.

4. Be prepared to be patient; building takes time.

5. DON’T hit up your friends and connections to buy. Build your community focused on service & real connection. Those who you support will in turn support you (no keeping score though).

6. Contribute – here and on other platforms to teach; make an offer once in a while; get coaching from greats who know what they’re talking about like Marie Forleo to learn how to build & engage.