If you send more emails than make phone calls…

If you send more texts than make phone calls…

Then I’m going to encourage you to shift, starting right now.

  • When you feel the impulse to email, pick up your phone and make a call instead.
  • When you feel the urge to text, pick up your phone and make a phone call instead.

Here’s why.

Connectivity requires live, person to person conversations. Of the vocal variety.

The technology tools we have at our literal fingertips will never replace in-person connection.

The phone and a live voice to voice, human to human conversation is the next best thing.

(If you want to ‘call’ with Zoom or some other visual calling tool, go for it! That’s a bonus tech offers us).

Simply know that connectivity requires personal attention. It’s not optional; it’s a requirement.

Shifting this way is, in my experience, incredibly enjoyable – much more so than drafting *yet* another email or having to fumble through another text message draft.

We’re all hungry for connection with other people. Do your part and make phone calls, shift to a much much better way to create and develop relationships.

Here’s the secret sauce to all of this: The recipient of the call – the person you’re intending to talk with – will be glad you called as well. Really.

“I’m so glad you called” will be a phrase you begin hearing. Partially because that other person is tired of dealing with the ridiculous volume of texts and emails too.

Tell me how it goes in the comments below.