InspirationWhat does it take to inspire you?

Who? What? Where? When? Why?

The classic journalistic queries will take you a long ways towards figuring out what then inspires your customers. Starting with the knowledge of what inspires you, use that information forward to market your business.

Look around – inspiration is everywhere. Start with yourself. 

Customers want authenticity. They want accuracy, transparency, value, education and camaraderie. All of these things will lead to brand growth, stronger business possibilities, and happier customers.

Inspiration is theoretically what got you into business to begin with. Think to the moment or slow moving thought that evolved into What I Want To Do. Where did it come from? How was the timing right? What do you want to ‘do’ with your vision? How are you going to change the world with your ideas?

These all factor into inspiration. Those outside looking in are hungry for the reasons behind your inspiration. They want to relate, share, and participate. Help them do so my first setting your mission and vision. Take the time and as needed, hire a prop to help you develop these two pieces that will guide your adventures.

We all want to be inspired. We all look to various people and brands for inspiration. Be the one people want to look to. Figure it out for yourself then share it with others.