I’m going to plant an ear-worm in your head right now.

Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’

That’s right. That song. The one so many people the world over know and can belt out at the top of their lungs. With meaning and feeling.

Why is that song so powerful?

I’d posit it’s because we all want to believe.

To believe in ourselves, in something, someone, some cause that we can fully support and get behind.

To believe is to connect with our self. Our beliefs are our own – to be clear: they’re not facts.

They’re what we think, based on our life experiences, the way we think, the influences we let in, the lens we see the world from.

To keep believing is to be connected to self.

To stop believing is to disconnect.

We all want to believe. We all want to have human connection – and most of us want connections well beyond the human realm. To greater communities, planet, other animals, our work.

Please, don’t stop believing. In yourself, in what’s possible and what we can do together.