June 2018 Iowa Connectivity & Marketing Events: Register Today

  • How do you choose to invest in yourself and your team mates?
  • Are you seeking lively, interactive and fun professional & personal development opportunities?
  • Do you want to have a really grand time, learning & doing & meeting other change makers?

Registration is open today!

Join me for some concentrated, interactive and fun training sessions this June.
The line-up of events is focused on Connectivity & Marketing, two evergreen and highly useful topics. They’re specifically designed with YOU in mind: the continually growing professional, all ages and stages, backgrounds and industries. Learning about and knowing how valuable Connecting & Marketing are provide life-long benefits – among them, comfort and confidence in creating and building meaningful and fruitful relationships.

Tell me:

  • What does it mean to be connected to people who can change your world?
  • What does it mean when you are able to change someone else’s world for the better? And how do you do it?

Look at your week of June 25th – June 28th, decide which events fit and call and email to register today. First come, first register – limited seating for each event in a wonderful midsummer garden setting.

HQ to book it: 515.450.7757

If you’re interested in partnering with Ginger, to provide a double whammy of value in a collaborative event with you for your clients, let’s do it! Honest Birth Talk, a growing business is Seattle, recently invited Ginger to deliver a workshop for their professional network with big success and very positive feedback.
Call we can get it set up: easy, simple, great value.

I’d be grateful if you’d also share this with friends and colleagues, leaders and students – those whom you feel want to keep growing & knowing, investing in themselves for a happier, more rewarding life.

Thank you for your time and attention. Can’t WAIT to see you soon ~


Fun Facts…since she’s been to Iowa last time:

…Ginger has delivered her first TED talk.
…she’s a published author, with a second book in the works.
…she’s been hired by wise people from Des Moines to Toronto, Mexico City to New Hampshire… …she’s spoken at INBOUND and numerous venues at events for terrific clients all over.
And she’s available for Media & Press interviews during these dates too – call to line up appointments.

Call today to save your seats. 515.450.7757 PST

Connectivity & Marketing Events June 2018

What, Where & When




Mon 25 June

Dinner Party In The Garden

5 – 8 pm

Dinner & (NA) drinks provided

Limited to 10 seats; (2 are already spoken for)

Location: Central IA, private residence, shared upon registration

An exclusive midsummer dinner party, hosted by Ginger, in a gorgeous garden setting.

If you like connecting with change makers, fun lovers and smart cookies, join us for this singular event.

Ginger will prepare and serve a delicious multi course meal with complementary beverages, lead lively conversation and offer insight on connectivity and marketing throughout the evening.

(you’re welcome to BYOB alcohol)

Included for current coaching clients

Available Ala Carte & in bundles, pricing below

BONUS1: Early Reservations (till 5.1.18) get a complimentary signed copy of the Connectivity Canon (book)
BONUS2: Make new connections with other doers, thinkers and change makers.


Tue 26 June

Connecting With your Customers

9 – 11 am

PLD greenhouse Van Meter IA

Limited to 20 seats*

What is Connectivity & how does it build community – personal, professional, charitable? Ginger will share key insights into Connectivity, Elements, how to’s, do’s and don’ts + how to engage and apply it all immediately.

Key points include: What is connectivity and how is it critical to success of every kind; The Connectivity Equation; The first four steps in connecting, all demystified and clarified, including what to say & what not to say; How you can immediately apply what you’ve learned.

Interactive, fun & useful.

Pricing below

BONUS1: Early Reservations (till 5.1.18) get a complimentary signed copy of the Connectivity Canon (book)

BONUS2: Make new connections with other doers, thinkers and change makers.






Wed 27 June

Power Couple: Connecting + Marketing

2 – 4 pm

PLD greenhouse Van Meter IA

Limited to 20 seats*

Of the power couples in life, Connectivity & Marketing is one of the most potent.

Come learn from a leader: the relationship of connectivity to marketing, Connectivity & Marketing essentials, building your life & business, while having fun doing it with confidence and comfort.

Takeaways: Strategic & tactical insights + stories and activities.

Pricing below

BONUS1: Early Reservations (till 5.1.18) get a complimentary signed copy of the Connectivity Canon (book)
BONUS2: Make new connections with other doers, thinkers and change makers.


Thursday 28

Tales from the Tent: What We Can Learn About Marketing from Beer Festival

4 – 6 pm

PLD Greenhouse Van Meter IA

Limited to 30 seats*

INCLUDES Beer tasting! Stay for a lingering social hour afterward…

Beer generously supplied by Doll Distributing, a 50+ year strong Iowa company.

You’re on one side, they’re on another. So, who’s got home team advantage? When you vend at a beer festival, you’re in for a wild ride of freely given comments and – if you’re paying attention – useful (sometimes horrifying) marketing & sales lessons. You learn what to say and how to get people to try something that will completely change their minds.

Marketing, and therefore sales, is communication – beer fests are great bootcamps for ALL marketers and sales pros in learning how to address your target market, one sip at a time. This event is for everyone.

Key Takeaway: Long list of marketing tactics [originally delivered with robust reception at INBOUND 2017]

Pricing below

BONUS1: Make new connections with other doers, thinkers and change makers.

BONUS2: Paid registrants by 5.1.18 receive a complimentary signed copy of Ginger’s marketing book.

*Available for private seminars for companies and organizations, set up separately.

Whole Shebang:

VIP Entrance to all four events, Wise Early Adopter price paid in full by May 1st: only $350 Pricing for all four events from May 2nd until 6.22: only $475

Individual seats:

Early Registration, before 5.1.18: Pricing after May 1 until 6.22: Day of at the door:

Bundles available:

$99/seat $129/seat $149/seat

Purchase 10+ seats, for any combination of events and get 20% off total price when paid in full by May 1st.

Want one of these sessions for your enterprise?

Can do – call Ginger for scheduling and pricing details 515.450.7757 PST 3




Available for returning & new clients in-person, in IOWA, June 25 – 28, 2018

Ginger is also available for privately hired speaking, coaching, training & workshops. Inquiries welcome, topics below, more custom topics available upon request. Priced per service desired. Call 515.450.7757 PST

Topics listed above, delivered to You and Your Team.

Call to pick date & time and we’ll finalize the easy execution of necessary details to make it happen.

1. Why Didn’t I Think Of That?! Ideation Discovery Session.

Want and need a big batch of new ideas for your endeavors – business, personal, charitable?
Register today for a 2-hour Discovery Session with Ginger. Richly creative and positive, she’s been hired by dozens of people to help them think anew, with a fresh perspective to help you noodle (think) about useful ways to move forward. Projects, marketing, plans, business – it’s all on the table for these impactful sessions. You’re welcome to audio record them as well, for evergreen use.
Flat rate, schedule now for best availability (limited spots available). FYI – year round availability via virtual tools as well.

2. Classic Coaching. Invest In Yourself.

Investing in yourself is the #1 way for remarkable progress in life – the biggest names we know have hired coaches and they continue to do so.
Why? Because wherever you’re at in life, a coach is a person who supports, encourages, discusses and helps you improve your progress toward goals. As uber successful Coach & Author Jen Sincero states, “a coach can tell you in 28 seconds what it’ll take you 3 years to figure out.” Agreed! Ginger provides unique and immediately useful tools and tactics for her coaching clients. Having seen her own lightbulbs go on in working with different coaches she invested in for herself, she’s totally clear on the value. Coaching provides insight to amplify and accelerate progress.

Note: This is a long-term, growth focused package requiring a 6-month minimum commitment to begin. Pricing available for the truly interested, call Ginger to inquire: 515.450.7757 PST

BONUS: Those who sign on with Ginger in a Classic Coaching package by May 1st are invited to join the Private Dinner Party on Monday June 25 (included in the paid in full package investment).

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