With a nod to Mr. Bond, I’d ask you today: do you have a license to sell?

In the not so literal sense, do you have your ducks in a row, poop in a group, and otherwise thoughts and practices lined up so you can actually sell your goods and services?

If not, today’s the day. Now’s the time. Go. The only thing you’re waiting for is yourself.

This idea of a license to sell came to me while talking with a colleague.

  • What do I need to allow me to sell?
  • What is my licensing process and procedure to ensure I’m ready to serve to the sale?

For marketing, the licensing includes knowing that marketing is communication. Knowing that I need to ask lots of questions before I begin assisting my clients – and ask lots of them before actually engaging. Qualify first – make sure you talk it out, set up parameters you can both live within and flourish within before beginning.

What do YOU need to be licensed to sell?

What do YOU need to be licensed to sell?

Many an agreement is soured by lack of forethought, getting the specifics on paper, and then not following the mutually agreed upon guidelines. Use the agreement as a guide while still always working through it together. Like all guides, you can and should change directions when it merits and makes sense. All the same, having the guide is the important thing here: outline clear scope, terms, details, duties, tasks, responsibilities and investments.

The world is trusting you know what you’re doing. Often we do, sometimes we don’t though. And that’s the time – actually before that time – is when we need to make sure we’ve got all our assets and priorities aligned to move forward smoothly and effectively.

Drop the ego, arrogance and fake perceived threat that you’re competing against someone else too, while you’re at it. The only competition you have is with yourself. If your potential clients don’t see that, I suggest going elsewhere to work and exercise your talents. There are plenty of people who will find you valuable.

What do you need to be licensed to sell?