Living In Your Cobweb

What does your cobweb look like?

Is it one dimensional, where you can move to one spot and see the entire thing like a flat vinyl record album?

Is it few dimensional, with lots of attachments to anchors and still sprawling?

What's your web look like?

What’s your web look like?

Perhaps it’s a cloud looking structure where you can’t determine where it starts, finishes…or even if it does, it’s all simply webby.

Whatever cobweb you’re living in and working in, know what your goal is. Meaning, what kind of cobweb do you want to build? How does it help you out? What does it support – starting with your vision and mission? What doesn’t it support? And if it doesn’t support your efforts, what do you need to rebuild?

Cobwebs are extraordinary things. So are lives. So are careers and business.

As a marketing & consumer expert, I can tell you every person has their own web of their own making. Rarely can someone, with complete honesty and immunity, totally divorce themselves from their web – the one they’re in.

Make your web to fit you and your vision, goals, and expectations. Make it carefully, with thoughtfulness – though don’t stall out and let excuses excuse you from building it.

Mine evolves with change, redirections, happenings…you know, that stuff we call Life. I keep at it though, examining, rebuilding, building, and moving forward.

Just like in the Field of Dreams, if you build it, they will come. Be the spider.

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