Marketing: Are You Managing Or Leading And Does It Matter?

There’s a lot of talk lately on Leadership. Leadership’s always been around, whether it’s had a title or not.

It seems we want to lump Managers into the sheep herding category, feckless folks who simply are in place to follow orders, follow the drum beat, and follow (the) suit. Leaders, on the other hand, are held in high and almost mysterious regard and can do no wrong while they are making the world turn. They’re working on clouds of their own devising and people want to emulate and find those footsteps, thus supporting the loftiness.

Be who and what you are.

Be who and what you are.

While I may be a satirist here, it’s odd to me people feel the need to delineate at all. What purpose does it serve to say a manager can’t or doesn’t lead, or a leader isn’t a manager? personally, call yourself and each other whatever you wish. Simply slapping a title or label on someone doesn’t make them so.

Here’s a ditty I unearthed when sorting an almost forgotten box of stuff last weekend.

“The difference between management and leadership

Managers work to get their employees to do what they did yesterday, but a little faster and a little cheaper.

Leaders, on the other hand, know where they’d like to go, but understand that they can’t get there without their tribe, without giving those they lead the tools to make something happen.

Managers want authority. Leaders take responsibility.

We need both. But we have to be careful not to confuse them. And it helps to remember that leaders are scarce and thus more valuable.”

I agree and disagree. Come back in a few days for my follow-up view explosion.

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