Yesterday I shared the story of my most recent hosting of a business event and the marketing exercise I did to open it up.

I promised the replies from the exercise I conducted. So here they are.

  1. What is marketing?

Communication (11), show casing, business, awareness (2), honest belief, networking getting the word out, relationship, sharing information

  1. How is art life marketing?

It communicates (4), representation of idea, trying to inspire, communication, tells, a story, it speaks to you,

Ingrid & Dana at Greeters.

Ingrid & Dana at Greeters. Image courtesy Graham Lewis.


provokes reaction, expression/emotion, transparent, expressive, touches you, creative/inspiring, it’s a relationship, inspires possibilities, perception

  1. What population is the world’s most powerful buyer?

Women (8), China (5), US (2) – the human race, old/seniors (2), millenials (3)/online, men, Japan

  1. T/F Marketing is expensive

T = 1            F = 12            Not especially/not necessarily, can be (2)

  1. What can marketing do for a business?

Make it or break it, express your value, connections, increase exposure, exposure (4), inform, awareness, known – community, promote/success, make money, gain new clients, make it visible, grow it – network it – connect it, promote it (2)

  1. What’s the most important V word in marketing?

Variety, value (6), viral, visual (2), volume, victory (4), vichyssoise

  1. T/F Ginger is the marketing pro you want/need!            T = 16            F = 1

What would your replies be?

The orange replies were the ones I was expressly going for, having shared insights as such with this group of 45 – 60+ about marketing. Some of the others made me laugh, cringe, and ponder – and learn.