“UGC is marketing Gold Dust.” – Neil Witten, StoryStream

This was among the many gems I have taken with me from the inaugural Whistler Bike conference. Hosted in gorgeous Whistler, British Columbia Canada, it was a remarkable endeavor which I found very successful on about every level.

The folks at Crankworx and Pinkbike put their heads together a few years ago and this event was the result. They invited me to address and open the conference speaking on marketing to women, specifically how the mountain biking community can better include and attract women to this outdoor sport.

Right on.

The fine folks of the Whistler Bike conference.

The fine folks of the Whistler Bike conference.

In addition to be very glad to have been invited to present, I always relish opportunities to be with people whom I’ve not yet met. Part of the joy of business to me is the myriad people and characters you encounter. Traveling and working abroad is all the richer because of the people. 

As a marketing pro, I appreciated the attention of the audience – especially since I was slotted at 830 am the first day, following a welcome dinner the night before….a few folks may have stayed out for a while. Being a morning speaker means you better have a robust style to get them engaged and get the juices flowing! Thankfully, that’s my style so we got off to a dandy start.

Quoted above, Neil Witten, was one of the several adept and very well chosen presenters. UGC = User Generated Content. He spoke knowledgeably and eloquently on the import of how to best tell the story, gather the story pieces including from your users (customers, guests), and then effectively weave the story and brand intrinsically together. Successful companies and organizations (aka brands) do this, some seemingly with out even making an effort. You simply buy into the story and therefore the brand.

Gold dust is the goal. And with the idea of the gold standard, golden rule and such, we can all aim for the gold dust. We can educate ourselves, then our guests and customers, we can increase our success by authentically integrating that dust into our operations. And ultimately we will succeed – for our customers, for ourselves, and for our communities.

Thanks for the gold dust, Neil.