Marketing Myth #2: “Small Business”

Welcome back to the Marketing Myth series. It’s time to debunk, smash, shatter, and get rid of the excuses for not having a proper marketing strategy. Your strategy is as integral to your business health as an annual physical is to your personal health: you must invest in yourself on the front end, preventative side, rather than when things are flailing and failing.

Today: The Myth of the “Small Business” mindset.

Yikes. I even hate typing it here – ‘small business.’ What do you mean it’s small??!! It’s my whole life, how could that possibly be any kind of small?!

Your business is your life. It’s your income, your reason for getting up and getting moving, and now you’re going to tell me you don’t have the wherewithal to have proper marketing?? I’m calling BS here.

That’s like the blood bank saying, “no we’re fine – we’ll get by on what we have left.” I can just see the patient turning white from lack of necessary supplies…..

Your business is only small if you think if it that way. Here’s what one person told me after inquiring:

“Your services sound fantastic and I LOVE your approach and philosophy, but unfortunately we are a small [xyz] and don’t have budget to employ external marketing resources. We’re a fairly skeletal operation.”

This person happens to manage a competitive sports team. Apparently they wanted services for free because that’s how it felt when I replied to a request for information. My question is why would they expect free from me to help them build a business?? Do their players not get paid for their work? Do you call a plumber expecting free? How about an oil change or bike tune up – are those supposed to be gratis as well? And what precisely does skeletal mean here? That they are starved for everything? Then why are they even in business? Struggle sucks and is unnecessary with smart marketing. Instead this person could be growing in strength and skills. Instead they’ve pulled the chute of excuse.

Ain't nothing 'small' about your business - it's all perspective.

Ain’t nothing ‘small’ about your business – it’s all perspective.

FYI – ‘but’ in here is the kiss of death. If you use ‘but’ in your work world, don’t call me. It’s a self-defeating mindset from the get go. I want people who think positively, use ‘and’ instead of ‘but‘ and make stuff happen. Those people I can help.

It continues to mystify me why people assume professionals would be okay with giving away free services. Services that pros, like me, have worked years and years to develop and hone in order to be able to effectively and efficiently help clients like this person to amplify their success.

So, to turn it around and end on a positive note: think of your business as big. It is.

All businesses are in business to make money. Tax status is different all together – i.e. non-profits are STILL businesses first. You need to make money for the goals you have, in all scenarios.

Marketing Myth #3 coming up: Facebook Is The Answer

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