Marketing Myth #4: You Don’t Need Marketing

The best businesses are in fully command of their marketing plan, including strategy and tactics.

The people running those shows understand they need to:

  1. Have a marketing plan to follow.
  2. Provide the plan adequate resources, including dedicated staff and effort.
  3. Regularly seek expertise from various sources to care and maintain an effective marketing plan.
Quit horsing around: your business deserves a marketing plan with strategy and tactics

Quit horsing around: your business deserves a marketing plan with strategy and tactics

The way I describe marketing plan is this. Think of your strategy as a skeleton. Think of the tactics (which build off strategy) as the muscles. You must have the muscles to move the skeleton. The strategy is the goal, purpose and bigger scheme of things – the framework on which to build the executable tasks to make the strategy effective.

The tactics are the plans of activity – they get you actually moving and doing towards accomplishing the strategy’s goals. It’s broken down then into 2 primary segments for easily digestible progress. Check out this article on marketing myths as well for more good help.

Companies are made of people. People need to see how critically important a basic marketing plan is for the health and success of themselves and for the business.

Want more?

  1. Read the Marketing Myth Series 1, 2, & 3 – more coming
  2. Register for either the SBDC Fueling Up! Marketing Class or my Marketing Learning Lab here.
  3. Call me at 515.450.7757 to work together to develop your marketing plan, strategy & tactics and all.
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