Marketing Myth #1: Marketing Is Expensive

There are myriad excuses people tell themselves on why they don’t purchase marketing services. One of the top excuses is “it’s too expensive.”

I’ve had dozens of people through the years tell me “I’d love to hire you but I can’t afford you” before they even inquire about investment. They seem to equate energy, ideas, and previous success with something high dollar.

Do you think Mr. Schultz embraces Starbucks? Think it helped them be successful?

Do you think Mr. Schultz embraces Starbucks? Think it helped them be successful?

If I know they don’t know rates, I ask them “how do you know you can’t afford me?” Then “how much is the success of your business worth?” If they can’t reply reasonably with a business bent – if they don’t get investment begets success – then, as the whip sharp Barbara Corcoran says – I’m out. No sense wasting any more time since I’m not in the business of persuasion. You either get it and hire or you don’t and suffer the consequences.

My first inclination when people say this is to put it in the Cop Out category. For those who want something, they find a way. They make stuff happen.

I say consequences because for every facet of business, there are goals and tasks and yes, consequences, when those goals & tasks aren’t completed. At a minimum it slows business down; at max, it’s fatal.

So in one way, it becomes easier to simply smile, and let them go. I let them know they can call me in 12 months when they’re struggling and they should have engaged me a year ago. If I have time at that time, we can talk about what they need then. It’s not cold – it’s a fact. If they’re struggling now, what will the landscape be for them in 12 months? Will they even be around?

Marketing isn’t expensive – it’s a fundamental part of your business you need to count on paying for in order to succeed.

My nature overall is positive and not snarky, and a response of futility and self-enforced defeat really irk me. They’re throwing in the towel before they even dipped a toe in the water! These people either 1. should not be in business or 2. get serious help STAT.

Any service and professional should be paid what they’re worth. No one should work for free. You can’t pay the bills with air or barter or trade out. Cash is queen and advice, insight, and assistance hold high value and return for those who understand as much.

The next time someone tells me they can’t afford me, I’ll simply let them know – they’re right; they can’t afford me because apparently they aren’t really interested in making their business work. Sometimes it takes a bee sting to appreciate the waiting honey.

Tune in for Marketing Myth #2 : The Excuse of “Small Business”

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