I reserved the dates in my caledendar, in ink on paper. It’s the way I’ve kept my life in order for years.

The dates were dedicated for a good friend, to help them work toward a significant life transformation. Happy and eager to support my friend, ink seemed appropriate.

A week out, a text arrived from my friend.

“Need to change our date…meeting came up…”

Which got me thinking. What’s important: Life or meetings?

Hold your own bar for your time high.

Your own future or shifting your life to second place in order to accommodate a meeting.

Some may call me simplistic. “Ginger, some meetings called by other people are required or unchangeable.” I get it.

What I get more though is that my life – the life of my friend – will always be more important than a meeting called my someone else.

Sometimes the shift we accommodate for others is an excuse we accept, to put ourselves second. To delay our greatness.

A coach once taught me to hold my own bar high. To set my standards and expectations to the heights I wanted to reach, not let others dictate the height or standard.

“Confirmed” I replied via text.

An evening opened up for me to help myself or maybe even someone else.

Be clear on what’s important to you. What you’re connected with and to and why. Meetings will always want your time. Your life should be first. You get to choose.