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We have options to suit those seeking fresh ideas to classic practices and exciting initiatives to fit most budgets.

Monthly Webinars

Live monthly webinars covering a different topic pertinent to the success of your connectivity in life and business. Each webinar will conclude with an interactive Q&A. All live webinars will be recorded and added to your membership account for on-demand viewing.

Private Forums

Keep the conversation going in our interactive forum. Share your successes, ask questions and get real-time feedback from your peers and your host, Ginger. Connect daily with remarkable people going through similar situations and working together with confidence.

Exclusive Events

Ready to find your people? These exclusive events are illustrative of what it means to connect. We plan extraordinary opportunities in unique settings and as a member of GJ you are the first to be invited! Can't wait to see you and continue our connecting conversation.

We just launched this new offering!

We want to stay connected and help you generate more new business and close better business.
Join our membership and start your journey to better connecting with your customers (new and old).

Team Connectors

$2000 per year
  • Monthly Live Webinar with Q&A
  • Private Interactive Forums
  • Exclusive Multi-Media Content
  • Invitations to Unique Events
  • Monthly Team Check-in Calls
  • Up to 5 logins for your team

Confident Connectors

$490 per year
  • Monthly Live Webinar with Q&A
  • Private Interactive Forums
  • Exclusive Multi-Media Content
  • Invitations to Unique Events
  • Two Months Free

Committed Connectors

$49 per month
  • Monthly Live Webinar with Q&A
  • Private Interactive Forums
  • Exclusive Multi-Media Content
  • Invitations to Unique Events

What you can expect from being a GJ member...


Connect with compelling people and grow your reach.

Connecting goes where networking can't: creating real, meaningful human to human relationships. These are the relationships that make us happy, productive and propel us forward in doing purposeful works.

For all endeavors in our lives, being connected with people we authentically know and can talk with changes everything. As a Connector, Ginger is the expert on how to start these conversations.

We'll help you build and hone your connecting skills.


Learn how to effectively communicate your message and not come off as the "unwelcome pushy salesperson".

It's time to learn how to effectively communicate with people, by starting with the Why & How to connect with others, on purpose. The signature Connectivity Framework is a tool that everyone can learn and use in their own way, to become an adept and confident connector.

We'll outfit you with the everyday real-world skills to become an adept connector; to step into any room and start making connections; to learn the proven structure in creating and developing meaningful relationships, no matter what your goals are. 

Connecting speeds up results.


Become confident in your "why" and allow your mindset to be contagious.

Your Why is your Guide. Becoming a Connector is life changing. Yes, really. The confidence you develop is contagious - it's real, attractive and fun. It's never a push, shove or forced. Mindset (aka attitude) is a fundamental Element in connectivity as well. Once we know our Why, then we bring Mindset front and center. It's what motivates us to action.

Connectivity requires courage. Our signature Connectivity Framework helps you gain the knowledge, which then promotes your courage to be able to connect with other people. We help you learn how to connect for the right reasons, with the intention to serve other people.

Become part of a remarkable group of people, supporting each other and learning key skills.

Is this You?

  • Established agency owner looking for better ways to engage your team and customers
  • Solo entrepreneur seeking solutions to grow your firm
  • Student eager to share your knowledge and gain expertise from others
  • Individual with a serious desire and readiness to do things better

How do you meet the people you want to meet?

Who teaches us those skills?
So far, almost no one…. till now.
An enthusiastic, effective, and positive speaker, author, and coach, Ginger shares her knowledge of the useful and needed skills to gain the confidence to connect with the right people.

You’re the person we want to meet. And we'll help you meet other remarkable people to change the world for the better.

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Progress is what happens when you connect with the right people.

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