excerpt, Chapter Four, Connectivity Canon

Mindset = Mental Attitude

The next forward move from knowing your Why is your Mindset. Having an objective attitude necessitates conscious effort to begin and practice to set, if you’re not already in that zone. Mindset in connecting requires openness, willingness and positivity. At first it can be a very conscious, possibly even challenging, practice to get into: thinking about your thinking (!) before engaging. Like all practices though, if you’re faithful to your process and system of connecting, you’ll likely become more confident, comfortable and less tentative in your efforts.

Where’s your mind at, at any one time? What is your mind “set” in various scenarios? Like a dial on a radio receiver, be tuned into the mental attitude part of connecting. Proper Mindset is necessary before you tackle tactics: objective, relaxed, positive. Know your Mindset.

Mindset must be a few things for connectivity to really take hold and flourish: objective, willing and positive for starters. I see these attributes and ways of thinking to be concrete and tangible—they are very real to me, though not everyone sees it this way. They may seem abstract, at least initially. They’re much more real when you discover what it means to be open to new avenues of attitude in your approach and practice of connectivity.

to be continued…

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