Which are you hoping for today: A near hit or a near miss?

It’s the same concept as asking: are you going towards something or away from something?

Your perspective has everything to do with your vantage point and hence your action. Knowing you can only control your self and your thoughts and behavior in life as we know it – rather than the ‘other person’ – we must focus on near hits and going towards something.

Case in point: this website.

Near miss or near hit?

Near miss or near hit?

GingerJohnson.com has long been mine. I secured it years ago when I jumped into the pool of websites, posting and in general developing my global presence via the Internet. With a nod to Mike, it was his finger aimed at me one day when told me as much, “You’re going to write online.” Okaaaaaay, I remember thinking. Delivered in his imitable and completely visionary style, it made sense even if I didn’t understand all the parts. I was going towards something. He already knew this and was coaching me forward.

So I began. Writing (posting, ‘blogging’ – though I hate that undefined and sloppy word). Sharing. And learning to find and fine tune my voice. I did that with a previous business, then used that same sage and timely advice and insight when I launched Women Enjoying Beer. And again for this site.

In the case of this site, it’s here to help me (and you) go towards. I’m also quieting the Women Enjoying Beer site – so this endeavor right here – this site – provides the ‘towards’ goal and vision. It helps me happily get up in the morning, instead of dreading other dead end work.

One great thing about going towards and aiming for near hits are they are positive directions. Away from and near misses indicate not so fruitful and perhaps negative directions and directives.

Take a step or three back, watch yourself and see what you’re doing. Take a look around you and see who else is doing what though still remembering that you are in charge of only you. What do you need and want to go towards?

Marketing is all about moving towards. It’s offering up, sharing, and communication. Progress in a forward direction is necessary to get to this near hits and somethings – until you reach them. Now, go get it.